Over is back! Saturday 30th September at People’s History Museum in Manchester, 10am-4pm. This year we have over 25 stalls selling zines, crafts, prints, badges and more plus community stalls and workshops!

Micheal Wiggan /0.08 Imprints
0.08 works with a range of emerging photographers from around the world. We design and publish projects that utilise the camera as a tool for investigation, primarily studying relationships and habits that form around ourselves, others and places. Our mission is to be an accessible platform for photographers with any amount of experience to be able to submit and share work that is aesthetically conscientious, meaningful and curious.
I: @0.08imprints  Web: 0.08imprints.co.uk

Safrana Art (She/Her)
My Zines are an extension of my sketchbook – pattern and illustration heavy – themes include mental health, plant affirmations, hairy diaries and the confusions I come across when I tell people I’m an Indian Muslim.
I: @safranaart

Yamahighway (they/them)
yamahighway is a duo artist group, our works inspired by the essence of spaces and events we experienced. We do prints, zines, small crafts and so on!
I: @yamahighway

Tiny Bell Studios (She/Her)
I create prints, stickers, zines and pins that are bubbly and sweet.
I: @tinybellstudios  Web: leannerosebell.wixsite.com/portfolio

Commonword is a writing development organisation nurturing and supporting new writers, providing a springboard to literary success. We run creative writing workshops, events and publish a diverse range of voices through our imprint Crocus.
I: @cultureword  Web: cultureword.org.uk

Mits Makes (she/her)
Mitra (Mits Makes) is a Malaysian multidisciplinary artist based in Edinburgh, passionate about creating small, quirky and colourful zines, just like her! Mits’ zines are a medium of radical expression; they embrace and empower various themes including sexuality, disability and cultural heritage. Expect vibrant zines that serve as a testament to self-acceptance and self-expression.
I: @mitsmakes  Web: ko-fi.com/mitsmakes

Pennycress (Jenessa) (she/her)
Founded in Leeds in 2019 by Jenessa Williams, Pennycress is an anthology zine designed to champion and celebrate the work of creatives of colour who are based in the North of England. Each issue features illustration, photography, poetry, personal essays and more, providing racial solace, community and inspiration.

Reina (She/Her)
A Japanese woman who makes zines about her heritage and culture, as well as film photography.
I: @reina.kos

Dal Kular (She/Her)
Dal Kular is a writer, zinester and facilitator of creative and nature-allied writing arts for healing, liberation and joy. She left school at 16 years old with 3 O-levels having been told she could never be a writer – returning to the power of words in her late forties – as an act of radical care and healing. Her debut poetry book (un)interrupted tongues, published by Fly on The Wall Press, emerged from a zine she created during her masters dissertation about the therapeutic and healing powers of zine-making. She loves making zines, botanical journals, is an allotment keeper and loves roaming the Peak District in her tiny campervan. She’s currently working on an archival justice commission with Dig Where You Stand, Sheffield and is Peaks of Colour 2024 Writer-in-residence where zines, therapeutic writing and nature will be mashed up into something gorgeous.She lives in Sheffield. I: @dalkular  Web: dalkular.com   dalkular.substack.com

Anuhya Saxena (she/Her)
I Am a Fashion Art Direction Student at Manchester Metropolitan University. Specialising in Photography. I produced Coconut Zine as a platform for British South Asian Young people to explore their dual identity as well as learn more about British South Asian history.
I: @coconut.zine

Sharp Txngue (she/her)
I am Olamide Florence Adeoye (Sharp Txngue), a queer, neurodivergent illustrator, comic artist and storyteller based in Manchester, UK. My illustration practice is inspired in part by my love of cartoons, graphic novels and sitcoms, where the makers create visual hyperbole building upon moments from everyday life like I do in my stories. I have 2 comic zines about my cat – Midas and the Post-Breakfast Panic (2022) and Midas and the Insatiable Appetite (2023) – and will be releasing my first longer comic, Snacks in November 2023.My stories centre and portray Black, queer and neurodivergent lives by showing the fun and silliness that exists like in my comic zines and the deep ways in which we – people who are often marginalised in society – connect and build lives around one another.

Zindabad/ Cia (she/Her)
Cia is a poet and producer who founded and edited Zindabad Zine, a London-based print mag for diaspora creatives across the world.
I: @zindabadzine  web: zindabadzine.bigcartel.com

Seleena Laverne Daye (she/her)
Seleena has been making zines for over 20 years. Her zines are mostly about race, class, queerness and fandom.
When not making zines she works in retail, delivers crafty workshops, sews, tap dances and eats a lot of crisps.
I: @seleenalavernedaye web: seleenalavernedaye.co.uk

Skate or Sew (She/her)
I’m from Kettering, east Midlands. I skateboard, make zines, and crafty bits. Current obsession is working with clay.
I: @skateorsew

Melissa (she/her)
Zines about pop culture, crushes, and generally just loving stuff.

Glorious Reads (she/her)
We’re a family of readers celebrating inclusive children’s books. We write zines about books we’re obsessed with, Black culture, and all things creative. We also make illustrated products for book lovers.
I: @gloriousreads

Jacq A(they /them)
I make zines on social justice issues such as bullying, racism in progressive spaces and ageing. I also make light hearted zines on Useless Advice, Swearing for fun and drunken bible stories!
I: @SoOverTheRainbow YT: @teammeteamus.8315

Riddhesh Ghadi
I make zines and posters that make an attempt at documenting lives of queer on daily basis.
I: @riddheshghadi

Skear Zines
Skear Zines responds to the writers we work with. It aims to resist homogenisation, and celebrate querenesse. It wants to give space to those voices that might not fit into traditional publishing models, voices that have been sidelined or as yet unheard, voices that have small (yet big) things to say, voices that will sing in unconventional forms.

Queer Muslims of Manchester
Manchester based group providing advice, support and information for Muslims who identify as LGBTQ+
I: @queermuslimsofmanchester  qmon.co.uk

Kids of Colour
Kids of Colour is a project for young people of colour aged 24 and under to explore ‘race’, identity and culture. We create spaces that to challenge the racism that affects young people and their communities; building collective resistance and solidarity.

I: @kidsofcolourhq  kidsofcolour.com

Full workshop information coming soon!