The zine fair is just 3 weeks away, so we thought we would share some of our stall holders!

More information coming soon, including workshops.

Plus many other creators featured on our communal table….

Nancy ArtMusic
Nancy ArtMusic is a half Latvian half Tanzanian woman with an American accent living in London. She is the creator of the Umeboshi comics and host of the Flawed Workshop podcast. If you love uplifting art, cute comics, and philosophical conversations about what it’s like to be a creative person, you’ll get along great.

Multi-disciplinary artist who indulges in the silly, dark and mildly offensive corners of her mind (and yours)
Instagram: @ideaslodaing

0.08 Imprints
0.08 Imprints is a publishing label that strives to circulate engaging bodies of work to any and all audiences with an interest in creative expression. Open for submissions to both our zines and books, we are always looking to collaborate with new and established creatives that work across all artistic disciplines.

Leanne Rose Bell
I specialise in illustrative prints, stickers, pins and zines revolving around a variety of themes but currently astrology, horror and movies!
Instagram: @leannerosebell

Safrana Art
I like to celebrate life and the little things that make me happy,  My work is a reflection of me and tells a bit of a story of the environment around me – if that’s drawing about finding a lawn mower to remove body my hair on one hand an another discovering the irony of having alopecia  – I like to tell stories with print patterns and colour, welcome to my world and maybe find a connection with me too.

Ny Ali/ Nytastic
Ny Ali is an illustrator and comic artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. She is seen making comics, Prints and merch. You can find her hiding under her table at conventions or on her social media She likes tea.
Instagram: @nytastic

Pennycress/ Jenessa Williams
Launched in Leeds 2019, Pennycress was founded by Jenessa Williams as a grassroots, entry-level outlet where Northern non-white creatives of all ages and educational backgrounds could come together to share their work on the printed page. Across two issues to date, Pennycress has featured over 60 contributions from a huge range of creatives with African, Caribbean and Asian heritage; writers, illustrators, photographers, poets, small business owners and more. With issue 3 in the works, Jenessa is keen to chat with new Northern contributors, and to sell both back-issue zines and contributor works at her OverHere Zine Fest stall.
Instagram: @pennycree.zine

Clio Isadora
Clio Isadora is a biracial (British/Burmese) London based comic book artist and illustrator. She juggles making goofy risograph prints with self publishing sad and spicy comics. Her first published graphic novel Sour Pickles came out in October 2021 in the UK & US with Avery Hill Publishing.
Instagram: @clioisadora

Sihaam is a writer based in London. Apart from editorial reviews, she spends all her free time oversharing on the internet through her zine, Stupid Girl! How does she sleep at night knowing these essays will be on the internet forever? Terribly.
Instagram: @sihaamn

Skear Zines
Skear Zines responds to the writers we work with. It aims to resist homogenisation, and celebrate queernesse. It wants to give space to those voices that might not fit into traditional publishing models, voices that have been sidelined or as yet unheard, voices that have small (yet big) things to say, voices that will sing in unconventional forms.

Riddhesh Ghadi
Riddhesh is an artist whose work lies at the intersection of Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics and Architecture(place making) which have taken forms of zines, videos, portraits. He is interested in ideas of sexuality, orgasm and nudity and calls him a pervert of sorts and further, wants to delve more in that area.
Instagram: @riddheshghadi

Bradical press is zine press created to Create and celebrate Bradford and Browness
Instagram: @bradicalpress

Daniela Ines
I’m from Kettering, east Midlands. I skateboard, make zines, and crafty bits. Current obsession is working with clay.
Instagram: @skateorsew

Ali Al-Jamri
Ali Al-Jamri is one of Manchester’s inaugural Multilingual City Poets. His work celebrates multilingualism and community. ‘Between Two Islands’ features poetry by Britain’s Bahraini community, while ‘ArabLit: FOLK’ features works from across the Arab world, from Palestine to Iraq, Egypt to Morocco.
Instagram: @alialjamri_scribbles
Twitter: @ali_mn_aljamri

British Pakistani writer of poetry and non-fiction, focussing on ethnic diaspora and the hidden stories of women in the setting of colonial struggle as well as racism, misogyny and poverty in and out of the south Asian community.
Instagram: @dark.academia.zainab
Twitter: @darkacademiazen

Zines & Ting/ Seleena
Maker of zines and crafty bits all about, race, gender, sexuality, class, 90s pop culture and FANDOM!
Instagram: @seleenalavernedaye

Billie Prime Zines

Maya Chowdhry

Heena thinks a lot about queerness, cats, race, gender, cycling, food, prisons, the charity sector and Manchester. Getting some of these thoughts into zines helps.