May 1st is not only the celebration of Spring at it’s peak but a celebration of labourers and the working classes as it’s International Worker’s Day.
So what better day to announce that this years Zine Fest will be held at People’s History Museum.
People’s History Museum (PHM) is the national museum of democracy, telling the story of its development in Britain: past, present, and future.
PHM displays the largest number of trade union and other banners in the world, and I don’t know about you but I love a banner.

Last Spring/Summer I (Seleena) got to work on an excellent project with PHM as part of their Migration: A Human Story exhibiotn.

I was commissioned to make a banner that represented Migrant workers. I worked alongside PHM and the wonderful Community Programme team. We spoke about what it meant it them to be migrants, the way you are viewed in the media, particularly over the past couple of years. How one minute frontline workers were applauded in one breath then told to go home in another.
We wanted to create something hat took up space, in a way that in galleries and museums, we often don’t. To see images that represented us. That on first glance look like the other banners hanging nearby, but upon second glance, something totally different.

This is the end result:

The Journey Across Land And Sea, To Build A Country Not Made For Me banner, 2021. Image courtesy of People's History Museum

You can read more about why I think banners are important on the PHM blog HERE.

And you can visit PHM to see the banner between now and March 2023 ( I hear Saturday 20th August would be a great date to visit though *wink wink*)