Seeds Of Change – Sunday reading special

by Seleena


Over the summer I was working on a project with The International Slavery Museum in Liverpool alongside their young ambassador program.

The project was to create a zine for the museum and The Sankofa Project alongside young ambassador .

It was such fun and inspiring zine to work on. I got to sit in on interviews conducted by oral historian Christine Holt, with 5 Liverpool based female community activists. From youth workers, to carnival producer, film maker and more.

Hearing about their life stories, where they have come from to where they are now, what they do and the passion they have for it was so great to hear. I left each interview wanting to do more for my community and keep on doing it.

Together, with a summary of each interview written by Lois, and brilliant visual minutes by Claire Stringer, I got to compile Seeds of Change with some added extras like maps of Liverpool, a timeline and how you ca help your community.

I got to showcase the zine at the museum last week for Slavery Remembrance Day.

That event, the zine and all the interviews reminded me about the importance of taking up space and also taking cultural production into our own hands.

You can pick up a copy of the zine for free at The International Slavery Museum Liverpool and read more about the Sankofa Project Here!