Illustrated hands holding a paintbrush, pencil and scissorsOver Here Zine is on 28th September 2024!

Over Here Zine Fest is a not-for-profit event showcasing the work of lobal majority zine makers, artists, writers and activists.  Everyone is welcome to attend. The aim is to build self-sustaining alternative models for publishing, art, activism and collaboration in our communities. It is organised by a group of global majority people from Manchester.

What is happening on the day?

Over Here Zine Fest is happening on Saturday 28th September 2024, in Manchester. There will be a zines, talks, workshops and spaces to just hang around and chat with other people. All are welcome to attend the zine fest. If workshops and activities are for global majority people only, we will advertise this.

What is a zine?

A zine (pronounced “zeen”) is a magazine or booklet that you produce independently. People usually give them away, swap them or sell them for the cost of printing. The zine maker(s) produces their own copies of work e.g. using a photocopier or printer, distributing it by themselves e.g. at zine fairs, at gigs or events etc.

What is a zine distro?

Distro is short for ‘distribution’. It is a collection of zines distributed by a single person or a group of people, either in person, online or by mail order. The collection may have zines by a number of different zine makers or by a single zine maker.

Why zines?

They are cheap and easy way to be creative and get your work out there. All you need is a photocopier to print a batch of them. You don’t have to be a professional writer or artist to make one. It can be as long or as short as you want. You don’t need any special equipment or any special knowledge to make one and distribute it.

Zines often cover subjects and topics that you often won’t find online, in mainstream newspapers or magazines. It is a good way for you to share your work with other people and for other people to share their work with you.

What can I put in a zine?

Anything you want! Things other zine makers have done include: fiction, non-fiction, personal rants, journal entries, reviews, poetry, comics, art, recipes, instructions on how to do or make things. The list is endless.

How do I get a stall?

Applications will open soon, check back for more information.

How do I get in touch?


Instagram: @overherezinefest


Twitter: @OHzinefest